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Intermediate Skills

 'I thought I'd been mountain biking for about six years until my day with Ian but it turns out I was just rolling around the trails!  He got me riding with so much more movement and flow and aggression.  It feels like a different sport!  Great tips on bike set up too, thanks!'

- David


Course Summary

Our Intermediate Skills course is designed for riders who are already competent in the Core Skills and who are looking to advance to the next level.  If you're cruising the red trails and comfortable enough on the blacks at the trail centres but want more speed, confidence and flow then this is the course for you.  Using the best of the World Class trails on our doorstep we teach you the techniques that allow you to hammer the tricky sections that currently have you grabbing for the brakes. 


Ian is Ireland's most qualified and experienced MTB specific coach and tutor.  Working for Cycling Ireland and Coaching Ireland he designed the syllabus for the highest level MTB coaching and guiding awards available in the country.  As such he has the ability to break down all the key biking skills and explain them in ways that are most effective for you as an individual.


This course is a great stepping stone for anyone who has completed their TCL qualification and is considering undertaking their MBL.  It's designed with the intermediate rider in mind and if you have any doubts over your suitability for this course we recommend first attending a core skills course.


Course Content

Ian will break down the more advanced MTB skills in focused sessions with detailed personal coaching, video analysis where relevant and individual feedback.  Then you'll take your new skills out on some truly testing but addictively fun trails to discover you what you're capable of!


Techniques Covered - 

Advanced Body Position - Adopting an aggressive pose that provides more control at speed in technical terrain. Advanced Cornering - Getting round corners with speed and style.  Linking turns effectively and getting used to drift.

Bunny Hops - Clearing obstacles whilst on the move.

Drop-Offs - Riding steep drops without going over the bars.

Technical Climbs - Using balance and power to get up the difficult ascents.

Technical Descents - Combining the other skills learned to safely and rapidly get down any tricky sections of trail.  Line choice and visualisation.

Pumping - Using the shape of the ground to pick up speed without pedalling.


It's a perfect course for anyone looking to move their skills on quickly and stop shying away from the really interesting sections.  We'll have you testing yourself in a fun learning environment allowing you to push to new limits and open up whole new possibilities in your riding.


Experience/ Fitness/ Ability

This course is not suitable for beginners and requires a good prior grasp of the core skills.  Terrain covered will be challenging and also requires a good level of fitness to gain the most from the day.


Intermediate Skills

Cost: £85pp (or £170pp for private coaching, discounts apply for 2 or more people)

Ratio: 1:6 Max

Number of days: 1

Included: All Instructional fees and insurance.

Not included: Transport to and from the course venue, lunches and personal equipment.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for details.