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I've been pretty much obsessed with mountain biking ever since I first discovered its joys whilst mostly dragging and carrying my five gear Emmelle across boggy Exmoor way back in 1989.


Since then it has dominated my life and taken me to some amazing and beautiful places, from the steep rainforests of Northern Thailand to the prehistoric woodlands of New Zealand via the mountainside hugging trails of the Alps.


I've guided, raced and adventured my way around the globe on a variety of mountain bikes and when I was given the opportunity to start instructing in the outdoors it was only natural that I'd ultimately specialise in bike coaching.


Many years of training, assessment and verification later I am now NI's only MBLA Tutor allowing me to deliver the internationally recognised qualifications in guiding and leading for Cycling Ireland.


I've also used my decades of experience to write the top level Cycling Ireland and Coaching Ireland leadership and coaching courses as well as providing consultation services to many organisations on many MTB related issues.


I definitely retain a contagious enthusiasm for all things biking and love introducing people to the sport and showing them that they can avoid all my painful mistakes and become a better rider with just a small amount of coaching.


I also love fell running and road biking but avoid wearing lycra in public unless it’s totally necessary!


Ian is sponsored by Stanton Bikes and supported by POC through 2Pure Distribution.



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